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Shelena Smith is an award-winning stylist who decided to go into business for herself in 2013 after 13 years in the industry. Her experience comes from prestigious studios all over the world including New York City, Las Vegas, and even Barcelona, Spain. Her amazing flair and unsurpassed artistry make her guests’ wishes a reality. She is known in the Placer community for her distinctive haircuts and vibrant color techniques. In 2020, Shelena’s dream to own a salon became a reality when she opened Faith, Love, Thairapy Salon & Suites.  The culmination of years of keeping her faith brought her to purchase a 1930 farmhouse on the main street of her hometown of Loomis, California across from High Hand Nursery. In the midst of a pandemic, her amazing friends and family helped transform the home into a jewel. You will step through the blue door and find yourself transported to a special place with timeless details. Let your worries melt away as your hair becomes a masterpiece. Faith, Love, Thairapy Salon & Suites is the home of a family of stylists whom Shelena has worked with for decades. The support the stylists show one another is that of love and faith. They welcome you to their home away from home.

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